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Hull & Deck >> Cleats Project Description

Progress on this endeavor could only be accomplished with a collaborative effort involving many innovative products, companies and individuals. To find out more about these companies and products, select any one of the company links below.

Sponsors For This Project: Seamless Marine

Bling Begins

From our design to fruition. As the project progresses you will understand the function of this bling.
This is for a 10" cleat. The cleat will bolt onto this plate and the guides will direct lines away and out from the toe rails.

Cleat Plate

Chock Bling

This is the bow chock. The configuration will insure the line stays in it. It will also take line over the toe rail without letting it rub our new AwlCraft paint job.
This plate can be used on any 10" cleat. It can also be made for other size cleats. The two stantions are designed to take the line to the outboard side of the toe rail so it does not rub on our new paint. This would be even more important if you have varnished toe rails.

Cleat Plate

Bling Bling

This cleat is centered fore and aft and snug up to the inboard side. Marks will now be make and holes drilled for installation. The design will keep the line in its proper place.
Bow Chock Bling. The chocks that existed were small and even if the line did stay in them, they would not prevent the line from rubbing on the toe rail. The plate on this chock is wide enough to keep the line off of the toe rail and the placement of the three stantions will insure that the line stays in place. Existing chocks only seemed to keep the lines in place with ideal conditions and placement of the boat in relation to the pilings she was tied to. The design of the existing chocks also wore on the lines when they were kept in place. This chock addresses all issues and looks great.

Bow Chock Bling!


Here is a picture of the cleat on the cleat plate. This has been bolted on with (6) 5/16" bolts.
Bling really works. This photo shows how the cleat plates work at keeping the lines off of the paint.

Bling Works!

More Bling

More bling at work. This chock keeps the lines in place and off of the paint.
A different angle showing how the cleat plate works well.

Works Great

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