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boat exterior
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Hull & Deck >> Bridge Project Description

Water's Ledge

This photo was taken from the bridge, looking down to the house. The bridge has two ledges formed into it and the bottom tab/L that screws the bridge to the house. Each of these ledges lacks the proper angle to make water drain readily.
To cure this problem - the ledges will need to be filled and faired to the proper angle. This process will also cover the many screws that are around the base of the bridge making a much cleaner look. The first step was to cut and bond in core-cell foam to fill the major portion of the ledge.

Angle Changed

No Spotting

The water will not lay on this. The ridge that held water has been faired-in using core-cell foam and epoxy with silica. We will now put a layer of glass to tie it all in with certainty. Note that on the right side of the page, the connection of the bridge to the house remains to be completed. Projects continue. You can also see that all holes have been filled (with epoxy and glass).
1/2" core cell cut to a 45 degree angle have been epoxied to the bridge. Once set, it will be sanded to shape and voids filled with an epoxy mud. Once fully shaped, a layer of glass will be applied for insurance against seam cracks. This work is time consuming and just a pain but I feel it is very much needed. We truly believe that if all surfaces on a boat can be made to make water drain off fast, it will make cleaning easier. Now is the time to insure this. A side benifit of this process shown here will be the clean look afforded by covering the screws.


Filling the Flats

These surfaces will no longer promote water spots.
This image shows the side of the bridge and how water will now drain off readily. It also shows the pod and console configuration and how it is all coming together.

No Water Spots Here

Not a Shelf

The new angles will not allow water to sit and spot. The ridges are no longer shelves.
The shine is so great that it is hard to see that there is no place for water to sit. This will make cleaning the boat easier. Also note how clean the bridge looks without all of those screws.

Clean Look

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