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boat exterior
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Hull & Deck >> Transom Project Description

The transom is the boat's calling card. We feel a varnished mahogany transom, with the name and port of the boat, makes her a yacht.

Calling Card

The transom is the boat's calling card. A varnished mahogany with the name and port of the boat make her a yacht. We designed a 3/4" edge into the new addition for the mahogany to be flush. However, that line was at the water line and I later determined that the edge should be above the top boot line. Therefore, the awcraft paint will be applied only to the fiberglass. Honduras mahogany will now be fitted and glued to create her transom. You may also note that further work is to be done to the exhaust and common drains. The drains will be installed and cut, then faired in. The exhaust need to be cut evenly and faired.
We clamped 2 x 3 planks.


Edge Planed

The plank is planed and waiting for a clamp for fitting.
One down!

First Plank

2nd Piece

Dave and I are clamping the 2nd piece in place.
This is the most Dave dances!

Pulling 2nd Piece Around

Cut and Trim

The planks are fitted many times, cutting and trimming the piece each time.
Transom on, trimmed and sanded down to 220.

Trimmed and Sanded

Sealed Steps

The first coat of a thinned Schooner varnish seals the wood and raises the grain. Many coats will follow! Sanding and dusting between each coat is a must.
This is with 4 coats of Schooner Varnish. Sanding with 220 between each layer until no voids can be seen.

4 Coats of Varnish

Sand & Varnish

Sand, varnish, sand, varnish, sand. More varnish.
Linda printed the name out in pencil for us to confirm size. Unfortunately the pencil marks do not show up for the photo but you can take my word for it that the top paper says "EZ2CY" and the bottom paper says "AQUA EPICUREAN" with the home port of Ocean View, DL under it.

Sizing the Name

Big Name. Bigger Boat!

The boat takes up almost all of the shop so I couldn't get any further away to take the picture. This photo shows how much room is still left on the transom.
Linda tapes the outline of the name in place for our approval before she begins painting.

Centered and Set

Ready for Brush

The gold leaf outline is ready for Linda to fill with color. The home port stencil is also waiting for her brush.
This process takes time and a steady hand. We wanted ocean colors throughout the boat as our theme.

Ocean Colors

Ocean Colors

Wow! We now have to wait a day or two before laying a coat of varnish over this.

FACT: Aqua Epicurean and the home port are actually the same color. The home port is outlined in the same blue used for EZ2CY and now the aqua color looks "baby blue".

The aqua color will be used in the boot stripe adjacent to the transom, then a 1" white stripe, an approximate 2" blue stripe, and finally another 1" white with the "SEA Hawk" teal bottom paint to finish it all out.
In this picture, there is only one coat of varnish over the name.

One Coat

Full View

A full view of the transom when boat was moved outside for Anchor Bay's Party. Only one coat of varnish is over the name.
Three coats of varnish over the name.

3 Coats

Sweet Sixteen!

Sixteen coats of Schooner varnish.



The transom has sixteen coats of varnish. About eight are over the name. The line from port to starboard (over the EZ2CY portion) is the rope light from IMTRA that will be secured under the rub rail to shine on the transom. Show-off! We will put more varnish on her in the spring.

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