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boat interior
boat exterior
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Hull & Deck >> AwlCraft Project Description

Progress on this endeavor could only be accomplished with a collaborative effort involving many innovative products, companies and individuals. To find out more about these companies and products, select any one of the company links below.

Sponsors For This Project: Anchor Bay East Marina | Awlgrip

Finished But Covered

We chose AwlCraft for all of the paint on EZ2CY AQUA EPICUREAN because of its durability, gloss and long life.

The interior of the bridge has been painted and already covered so other painting can begin. The boat is being painted with AwlCraft - a durable high gloss, two part acrylic urathane paint.
The outside of the bridge is now painted. This is a step by step procedure.

Outside Bridge

Wipe Down

Don wipes down the hull before AwlCraft is applied by Wes.
Port side of the bridge.

Port Side

Windows Reconfigured

Here, the window frames are painted with black AwlCraft.
The aft window is painted to give it a proper shape (although difficult to see here).

Shaping Skirt

White Handrails

These handrails were originally painted black. They would almost burn your hand when grabbing them on a sunny day. Painting them white will cure this problem and make them less conspicuous.
Here, the port side of the house is painted.

Port Side of House

House Back

The back of the house is pictured here.
She's white! Snow White AwlCraft 2000!

Cockpit Paint


Wes peeled off the masking to show the black trim. We are in dissagreement about how this will look. My vote is that when the masking is pulled from the window the black will give the illusion that the window is the proper shape and not straight across the top. We will see.
More . . .

More . . .

Another Photo

Here is another photo of the back housing window.
Hee, the AwlCraft 2000, Snow White is buffed and looking good.

Coming Together

No Trace of Past

The pay off. The hatch cut out, the speaker area, and the reconfigured tackle center area all come together as one. All the prep work by Wes and his crew made this work.
The fish box and cockpit area glossed.

New Fish Box

Toe Rails

Here, the toe rail has been glossed and made into one.
Snow white Awlcraft hull.

Hull 1

Bow 1

Snow white AwlCraft bow.
Snow white AwlCraft hull.

Hull 2


For a Jersey girl, she has some Carolina flair.
AwlCraft Snow White.

Hull, House and Bridge

House Back

She's come a long way.
More shine.

More Shine

Pearled and Cultured

Snow White with Pearl added. How appropriate. This boat has turned into a cultured pearl. Carefully put together to represent the best of the best.
The fore deck.

Fore Deck

Nice Deck

Thats nice! Note that the hatch frames have been painted white to blend in. Vent louvers on the bridge are being painted and will be installed later.
Now the non-skid needs to be painted. A path around the gunnels and one across the front of the house will give a safe path for walking and docking.

Non-Skid Next

Non-Skid Cockpit

Here is a photo of the non-skid cockpit being completed.
Here is a photo of the non-skid cockpit that has been completed.

Non-Skid Cockpit

Bridge Non-Skid

Here is a photo of the bridge non-skid area.
Here is a photo of the non-skid starboard gunnels.

Starboard Gunnel

Port Non-Skid

Here is a photo of the port non-skid gunnels.
This photo displays the non-skid up to and onto the pulpit.

Bow Skid

Wow Effect

The pearl looks even better next to the contrasting teal Sea Hawk bottom paint.
Wow! Even though we will wait to paint the boot stripes until after all the equipment is installed in the boat, we're so happy with the finish. We intend to add a 1" white stripe separating the bottom paint from the first boot (bright blue) followed by another 1" white stripe and then another aqua boot on top. Our idea is to accent the boat in gulfstream colors.

Great Contrast!

Smooth Foredeck

A new girl.
Waiting for installation of trim tabs and cleats prior to launching. She is a new boat. Thanks to Awlcraft!

New Again! AwlCraft!

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