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boat exterior
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Engine Room >> Ventilation Project Description

Progress on this endeavor could only be accomplished with a collaborative effort involving many innovative products, companies and individuals. To find out more about these companies and products, select any one of the company links below.

Sponsors For This Project: Munters

Cockpit Vent

Current air for the engine-room is derived from this port vent located in the cockpit and a mirror image on the starboard side. I believe that having the only vents for the engines at this location contributes greatly to the station wagon effect. In addition these vents do not stop salt from entering the engine-room.
In addition to the location, there is another problem. While the area of the louvers computes for the amount of air needed, there are some obstacles obstructing air flow. This is revealed when the vent is removed and a closer look is taken.

Cockpit Vent Revealed

Vent Obstructions

The right section of the photo is the bulkhead and does not allow air into the engine room. The left side, which is supposed to allow air, is obstructed with the blower hose, electrical, and other items. This is why the door to the engin room would suck closed, a clear indication the motors needed additional air.
The answer is to install vents in the side of the hull where they will not pull air into the cockpit or contribute to the station wagon effect. The trick is to keep water and salt from following the air. This trick is accomplished with Munters!

The shape was changed several times before we were happy with the results. Measurements were given to Munters along with the engine requirements and a determination was made that the area would support the air needed. This is due greatly to Munters almost free flow. The vents will now be manufactured with a 3/4" frame. The hole will be cut and the vent bedded and screwed in place. Since the vent frame will be white Starboard and the vents themselves are a white high grade PVC, they will not require paint.

Vent Design

Munters' Fresh Air

This is the backside of the Munters' vent. Air, without water or salt, flows easily through. On our application, this air will now have to be directed aft to the motors. The design of the boat did not permit the vents to be located directly in the engine room.

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