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Journeys >> Adventures with Stacey Project Description

Stacey's Adventure 4/06

April 2006

You can see our boat from the guest dock at Kent Island Yacht Club. The piling on the lower right is where I leaned out, friends holding my belt, with boat hook in hand and extended out as far as possible . . .
. . . to retrieve Stacey's purse which she dropped overboard at this location. The last piling in the distance is where the purse was retrieved. The tide rips through here and that Liz Claiborne purse floated up-right very fast. I grabbed the boat-hook and ran to the guest dock as fast as I could while Stacey was chanting "run Forest, run" just in time to get it. Past this point and it would have ended up in St.Micheals. She unzipped it, poured out a small amount of water and we went to the shrimp feast. Only a small compact was ruined. Oh yea, when Stacey tripped she told me she spilled her drink. I had to ask if anything else had dropped. She replied, "oh yea, my purse". Life with my bagel lady!

(P. S. Stacy has worked as a manager for the Bagel Bakery for 14 years. That's why I call her my bagel lady!)

Stacey Tripped 4/06

Rude Awakening 4/06

Stacey wakes this guy up as she zooms out of KIYC on her way to the Bagel Bakery, where she works as a manager.
This rooster can be spotted at the entrance of Kent Island Yacht Club in the morning hours after Stacey has woken him up. She, however, has never seen him because by the time she zooms by and awakens him, she is long gone. After the zooming engine has awoken the rooster, he stuppers out from his home in the bush.

I showed Stacy these pictures and she promissed to appologize by bringing home some bagels to this poor rooster.

Entrance Watch

The Bagel Lady

It has been brought to my attention that some may not know why Stacey has been nicknamed the "Bagel Lady". She has run a bagel shop for more than 12 years! This photo of Stacey was taken a "few" years ago.
June 4, 2006. Taking time to enjoy our children and grandchildren with a picnic. Kent Island Yacht Club is the perfect setting.

Daughters and Grandchildren

A Sleeping Bailey

June 4, 2006. Part of the joy of grandchildren is teaching them what you know best. Stacey taught Bailey well!
June 18th, 2006. Bailey shows what she has practiced in the last few weeks. Monica looks happy that Bailey has Stacey's methods down flat.

A Practiced Sleep

Crabs, Drinks, and Friends

June 9, 2006. Crabs, softshell clams, and drinks at Fisherman's Crab Deck on Kent Narrows. Here we are with Fred and Peg from Bass Products. Great people, great fun, great food!
We have traveled to Marco Island, Florida for a few days of R&R before going to work the Miami Boat Show. John, one of our best friends, let us use his condo. We found this sign at the famed "Snook Inn" on Marco Island.

Too Funny!


The toast of the evening at Snook Inn:

"Enjoy friends, make an effort to meet strangers that may become freinds, and do not waste precious life and time on those you know are not friends." Jeff Smith

These are our good friends, the Reids: Lorretta, Bob and Karen.
Be sure and "Take Time to Dance".

Bob dancing with his daughter Karen at Stan's biker bar on Marco Island.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Stacey Meets My Little Brother

Stacey meets my younger brother for the first time while we were on west coast of Florida. We had a great time! It had been a long time since I too had seen Ron.
I can tell Stacey has been back onboard because the boat is so clean. I did my best to tidy up some before she came onboard, but then she did her number. You have to know that this is a woman that thinks Windex is a spice: She cleans the stove while I am cooking on it, and thinks room freshner is an inhalent. Stacey has an uncany ability to spray a solvent just as I walk into a room and take a breath.

Stacey Clean

Daddy's Little Girl!

Here is Stacey with her dad, Mr. Dan Greco. Stacey is showing him a sample of the Mediterranean Corian that will be used on the countertops. Dan had not seen the boat since we got her and was very impressed with our work and Anchor Bay's AwlCraft paint job.
April 28, 2007. Getting a treat.

A Treat


April 38, 2007. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! (You're crowding me.) The geese are getting a treat with Stacey feeding them bread.
April 28, 2007. I think he is smiling. I know I am! I love that girl!


Three YaYa's

Early June 07. Taking a break from the boat to celebrate Nancy's retirement. The three YaYa's are tickled by something? Vodka maybe? Pictured are LuLu, Stacey and Diane. Nancy is making her rounds and could not be captured for this photo.
The salesman said he could set her on the right "track" with the first car offering auto pilot. He said she wouldn't even have to turn the wheel.

Stacey's New Buick

Baltimore Railroad Museum

January 2008
He got her on track alright!

This is a 1939 Buick at the Batimore Railroad Museum that was used to run the rails. The museum is one of the fun places in which to take the entire family near to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore.
Our grandchildren really enjoyed the trains. Makenzie (8) and Mathew (2 1/2) are shown on one of the many, many trains.

Cool Steam Engine

A Future Engineer?

Autumn (4) at the helm of a steam engine.
Stacey and my Mom enjoy the train ride.

Train Ride


Stacey told Dave he could leave his purse in the car. It did not go with his plaid jacket anyway!
Looks like Monica was trying to hide. Stacey said, "It's because she is embarrassed that Dave's purse does not match his jacket".

Monica Hiding?

Good, Eh?

Once we were done seeing all the trains we came back to the boat at the Inner Harbor Marina and enjoyed dinner. Bailey (2) and our other grandchildren seated at the dinette table.
Lacey heard the microwave. She knows this means Stacey is fixing dinner and we will be eating soon.

Dinner Time

Stacey's New Buddy

This is Stacey's new friend. He visits quite frequently.
I saw him at the end of the pier next to the parking lot. Just after this photo, Stacey told me she was going for coffee. I looked out moments later to see her car drive off and her buddy no where to be seen. I think they may have something going on!

Her Buddy is Too Close!

Here They Come

Stacey welcomes Dave bringing the three girls to spend the night on the boat, wearing Croc's to match the top! Very Nice. Stacey just told me, very excitedly, that Safeway has block ice! I am not sure of the significance, but this is Stacey!
It seems that Stacey's buddy has found us. He stands on this building watching everything that goes on, just like we do.

Stalking Stacey

Stacey's Vette

Stacey has wanted a corvette since she was a kid. She finally got one and she deserves it! A 1995 black/black with 370hp and six speed. the real adventure is driving with Stace. She can change the radio while shifting gears. That reminds me, I need to renew my perscription.
Just another shot of Stacey's Corvette.

side shot

Happy Valentines Day

I thank God for my Wife.

Stacey, I Love You!

I am so lucky!


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