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boat interior
boat exterior
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Bridge >> Hardtop & Pipework Project Description

Progress on this endeavor could only be accomplished with a collaborative effort involving many innovative products, companies and individuals. To find out more about these companies and products, select any one of the company links below.

Sponsors For This Project: Anchor Bay East Marina | GulfStream Designs | Buell Air Horns | Garmin Ltd. | DuPont

Initial Pipework and Console

The console has several blank plates indicating where removed electronics once were located. Careful consideration will be given to the entire configuration. Note all of the different angles going on with the nightmare of pipe.
Art intent on doing his magic with the crane. This man knows what he is doing! He is getting ready to remove the old hard-top from the boat.

Removing the Old

Ready to Lift

Centered over the bridge and strapped on two corners . . .
The big top lifts off and is lowered to the ground.

Up, Up, and Away

Where Is It?

I think the boat looks even larger. Dave is looking for the top!
The boat is getting a new attitude already. We can't wait to see the new half-tower. GulfStream Towers combined with Pat Karwin's design work will make her a new lady.


Unloading the Half-Tower

Unloading the half-tower after driving down from New Jersey. Our last half-tower was brushed aluminum. We wanted this one to be bright aluminum.
Pat is holding the aft section, with rocket launchers, until a stand can be set up.

Pat and His Work

Placing Aft Section

Pat is fastening the aft section so the forward section can be put in place for the final fitting.
Lookin good!

Lookin Good!

Welding Together

Pat is welding the aft section to the forward loop/ring.
Here, Pat is welding the front legs onto the loop/ring.

Starboard Front Legs

Good Look

Here, the back legs are on and the front center supports are in place. Pat will weld the front side supports next. Final measurements will then be taken so the hardtop can be completed with the molded-in radio box, cockpit lights, front deck lights, and running light.
The full ring is in place. The top will be almost 17' long. When Pat returns with the hard-top, the side cross pipes will be welded in place as will the ladder and horizontal rail from aft leg to the bridge.

Loop/Ring Complete

Halftower Pipework

Another photo of the pipework.
The top is here but some changes need to be made before it is installed. We did not properly calculate hieght of the top in regards to the helm step that was added. The radio box needs to be cut down some to accommodate.

The Top is Here!

Over Kill?

We are all thinking that Art may have over estimated the weight of the hard-top when he used his 75 Ton Travelift to move it! (Its that macho, "I have the biggest, badest lift in Maryland" thing!)
The top wieghs less than 500 lbs. The travelift allowed Art to put the top exactly where it needed to be placed, with no hassels.

Moving On Up

Moving It Over

Art's over the top! And, he has our top moving over the frame-work.
The top is now in place and ready to be fastened.

Finally On

Set to Secure

Jason and Matt from GulfStream are checking alighnment and getting reading to secure the hardtop in place.
More shots of the top. Note the two recesses for "reel color" teaser reels. Also note the molded-in spreader light areas.

Another Image

More to Come

Note the molded-in light for the foredeck. The two slots on the port and starboard side of the top forward of the pipe is for air to shoot through. These coresponding slots in the top aft section breaks the station-wagon effect.
Thats a big top! About 17' long.

Side Shot


Here is a profile shot.
The pipe work is not complete. Cross pipes need to be installed on the port and starboard forward sides. In addition, the ladder work needs to be completed including pipes that will run from the aft support forward to the bridge just aft of the venturi. Once that pipe is in place, Canvas Experts will create a pattern for the EZ2CY Enclosure.

More to Come

The Mast

Pat has once again exceeded expectations. The mast is a piece of art. The tremendous time and thought that went into this is obvious.
Pat's looking like he is riding the best equiped bike ever made. The six foot oOpen Ray Garmin swings perfectly on its mount and the angle is calculated to compensate for the hardtop and the boat's running angle. The Buell Triple Air Horns will look even better after the mast is painted white.

Pat's Ride

The Mast

Pat did a phenomenal job on the mast. It is graceful and functional and will be a crowning touch reminiscent of the fine yachts of yesteryears. The mast holds the Garmin 6' radar, Buell air horns, two GPS antennas, two 8' antennas, spreader lights, anchor/steaming light, and flags. It will now be painted white before installing.
The ladder is now done. This is one of the reasons we are so impressed with Pat's design work. Nice wide ladder with grab handles starting at a logical level and continueing upward . . .


Properly Done

. . . before connecting to the rails on the bridge. You can go up this ladder with your hands saftley grasping the rail all the way up and onto the bridge. This is how it should be. We recently saw a very expensive boat with rails configured in such a way that you could not possibly keep hold while going up the ladder. Not only that, you had to turn at the top to get on the bridge. Not good at the dock, much less at sea.
This photo shows pipework from the aft leg connecting to the bridge. It also shows the Release Marine Helm Chairs. It is amazing how much difference it makes to the overall look as each piece of pipe is added.

Connecting Pipe


Side profile of painted mast.
Painted and ready to be lifted onto the hardtop. Once mounted securely, all of the parts can be installed on her.

Painted Mast

Mast View

The mast is fully functional and eye-catching at the same time.
View of mast from aft. Please note that the steaming light and anchor light still need to be mounted on the top. The wires for these are seen at the top with black tape on them.

Aft View

Total Picture

The total picture.
The mast is now topped off with a steaming light and then the anchor light. These are from Vetus.

Topped Off


GulfStream made the mounting bracket and we installed a lee single spreader for the center-rigger. We ran two lines in a triangle patern and used Blacks Clips. Note the configuration: A glass ring was installed on center and approximately 6" out from the hardtop pipe. Single pulleys were installed port and starboard of center. This gives approximately 16" of line that can easily be moved left to right to extend or retract the clips.

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