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Bridge >> Console Update Project Description

Progress on this endeavor could only be accomplished with a collaborative effort involving many innovative products, companies and individuals. To find out more about these companies and products, select any one of the company links below.

Sponsors For This Project: MAS Epoxies | Dometic Environmental Corporation | Ongaro Marine | FloScan Instrument Company, Inc. | Glendinning Marine Products, Inc. | ED&D | Bass Products, LLC | Garmin Ltd. | Argonaut Computer Inc.

More of As-Bought Console

Note how the console angle stops where it is needed most. Why they did not have the chart table at the same angle is beyond me. Please also note that by doing this, the backrest for the person in-front of it is about 6" high. Real comfortable!
This is the current configuration of the dash. we are adding a 6" step at the helm which will assist in the ability to see the bow of the boat as well as the cockpit. The wheel will be raised approximately six inches and moved back slightly by installing a pod. The pod has a bezel that all vital engine instrumentation will be consolidated into with the help of FLOSCAN. The compass will be moved to the front of the bridge as Post Yachts does. With the above done, we will have room for a 15" Monitor in front of the pod. This will make a very smart line of site encompassing the most vital information for the captain.

The Current Dash


In additon to consolidating the engine instrumentation in the pod, the gear shift will also be mounted on the pod. The fuel lever will then be moved closer to the wheel. With that done the dash to the starboard will be raised and angled for the captain. This process will be done on the port side as well. I firmly believe the captain should be able to stand or sit at the helm and not have to strain his neck to see all of the instruments. I also believe the captain should be able to see all instrumentation in all light, even with glasses on, hence the choice of a 15" monitor.
The port side of the dash will be angled and raised for the captain's view. This will have to encompass a small portion of the chart area but will still leave ample room for the current style book charts.

Port Dash


BLING! Ongaro wheel and control handels will be mounted on the new helm pod.
The new pod is just sitting on helm area so that we can study the layout. The perfect placement will be determined taking wheel, gauges and levers into consideration. The relationship to all of the console and how the different screens will be placed is all critical at this point and a major part of the equation.

Pod Study

Fitting the Pod

Trying to fit the pod involves determining placement that will insure the wheel is comfortable for the captain, gauges are easily seen and gears are properly placed. Study time is an important part of this.
Here is how we laid out possible changes in the console configuration that allows multiple screens used for modern electronics. The center screen is set for a 15" Monitor that virtually all electronics or media can be displayed on. Its placement on the centerline is logical. This allows whatever is deemed most important to be displayed on the screen that is most easily seen.

Console Layout

Three Planes

Forming the three areas that instruments can be mounted. Each plane is angled for the captain's advantage. The center plane will have a cut-out over 18" wide x 14" high and will be used for the largest monitor. The port and starboard plane are large enough for 12" monitors plus some smaller instruments.
The voids will now be closed in. After careful consideration we chose to go with Glendinning (Marine Products) "smart actuator" single lever controls and do this job right. The use of Glendinning will enable full control from the single levers mounted on the pod. Single levers make running a boat much less difficult because of the logic. Push forward and the boat goes forward. Push further and the boat goes faster. Push aft and the boat goes aft. Glendinning Products are known for reliability and function! Single levers also leave more room for other items in the dash configuration.

Coming Together

Bridge View

Just a different photo showing the console and pod configuration.
Wes and Don have worked to make this all smooth. The groove is for track to be mounted. This will hold the new Sunbrella cushions.

That's Nice

So Nice!

Wes has faired in and smoothed the new pod to the reconfigured console. It is really shaping up.
Wes is glassing over my work and making it right.

Console Glassed


Wes worked on the mud in and smoothed out the console I had built.
This photo shows the console and pod with the chart table area to port. This configuration should work out well for Captain and Mate.

Good View

Coming Together

Reconfigured, painted and most of the doors back in place. The console is coming together fine.
The pod is ready to be fitted out. The helm washer is in place and holes have been drilled for the Glendinning controls. We chose to make the control handles almost flush with the pod. To do this we epoxied a block on the inside that would allow the control sleeve to protrude approximately 1/8".

Fitting Out

Ready for Handle

This photograph shows the control handle shaft. We were very impressed by the instructions given by Glendinnig for every situation that might be encountered.
The placement of the starboard Glendinning controler with the stabilizing rod shown at lower right.

Control Unit

Keeping it Stable

This rod keeps the control unit from turning.
This photo shows the new configuration as a whole. The pod houses the Glendinning single lever controls, the Ongaro Stainless wheel and the engine's instrument panels. Just under the pod, but not in view, are the emergencey shutdowns and the battery parralel switch. The holes to either side of the pod will contain the ignition, start, stop, horn and various other switches. Stradling the pod are 3 large flat areas that will house the following: 15" Argonaut monitor front and center; 4212 Garmin will be located on the right side; and the left side will house items including the E-Plex monitor and future TR-1 autopilot. From the location of the helm, we will have the ability to view almost every system and function on the boat.

Console Setup

Line of Sight!

How sweet it is! No strain to see these instruments or where we are going at the same time. Everything can be seen at a glance!
The 10" touch screen for the E-Plex electrical system from AirPax and Bass Electric has been mounted on the left, completing the three planes of our console. Directly below the screen is the control for the Eskimo Ice Shaver system. With these units in place the location of the remaining air-conditioning vents can now be determined. The captain has an unobstructed view of each vital instrument while still having the ability to see the sea.

Filled Out and EZ2C

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