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boat exterior
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Bridge >> Ventilation & Air Condition Project Description

Progress on this endeavor could only be accomplished with a collaborative effort involving many innovative products, companies and individuals. To find out more about these companies and products, select any one of the company links below.

Sponsors For This Project: Munters | Dometic Environmental Corporation

Lunair Out!

While this unit did not provide air for the bridge, its removal will make room for putting a unit that will. This Lunair unit is under the console and can be seen in the center of the salon. It is very large and will need to be cut into pieces for removal.
Dave is using a saws-all to chop up the air unit into bits so that it can be removed and disposed of properly.

Ripping Out Old Air

Unit One

This is one of two Cruiseair self-contained units that will be on the bridge. This unit is 7,000 BTU.
This is a 16,000 BTU self-contained Cruisair unit and will be mounted under the console seat.

Unit Two

Silent Running

The top and bottom board shown here will hold the Bridge air-conditioning units (the center is for the Salon). The boards have been coated with "Silent Running". Silent Running is a coating that dampens vibration to minimize noise.
This sixteen thousand BTU low-profile Cruisair unit is placed beneath the console seat. Foam panels were used to isolate the unit from outside air.

Low Profile


Enclosing the unit in our application was important because of the vented air we have running under the console and floor to break the station wagon effect. Not enclosing would mean trying to continually condition outside air.
These vents allow air from a low point in the room to be returned to the unit.

Return Air

Feeding the Air

Conditioned air is then fed to ten, three-inch vents through pleniums and hoses.
More of the maze. Air conditioning a bridge is different than a Stateroom! In a Stateroom you cool the entire room; on a bridge you need to direct cool air flow directly onto persons. Thus the need for many vents. This project is too easy to not undertake. The payoff is fantastic when done correctly.

Hose Maze


The 16,000 BTU unit feeds ten, 3" vents. These vents have the ability to be directed and or closed. Six are on the console proper.
Four vents are located on top the map area. The four are directed at the passenger helm chair. Additionally, two vents on the console can also be directed at the passengers.

More Vents

Return Air

This is the return vent for the 7,000 BTU unit (with my erie shadow on it!) that is tucked under the port . . .
. . . under the port side seat. It too is encapsulated with insulating foam. This 7,000 BTU unit feeds . . .

7,000 BTU

Real Cool

.... these six vents to cool guests seated in the console lounge.

We had ten people on the bridge in near 100 degree muggy temperatures and did not break a sweat. It is EZ2CY we are happy with Cruisair and our Enclosure!

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