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Salon >> Headliner Project Description

In Need of Covering

The removal of the existing air conditioning system dictates replacement of the head liner. While doing this we will consider if we should add insulation.
Taking all of the old head liner down is the first step.



After removing the head liner and looking at the underside of this area, we are not sure we can add any insulation here.
We have already put 1" foam insulation in the old air conditioning slots. The easy part of removing the bulk of the head liner has been completed. Now, removing the staples in preparation for installing new head liner begins. It is all part of the process and needs to be accomplished before the trofts for the valance air can be installed.

Bulk Removed

Determine Changes Now!

This is the time we need to determine if additional lighting will be added or if any changes to existing lighting should be made.
Havoc needed before headliner can be installed.


First Staples

The white vinyl headliner for the entire Salon was cut to lengths and sewn together and the seams will now be stapled. The first seam stapled is the one next to the bar. The material is quite heavy and the work tedious.
The second seam is being stretched and stapled. The salon is smelling new already!

Second Seam

Step by Step

Each seam is stretched and stapled in place. There are five panels of fabric. This method of sewing together all of the material and stapleling the seams is a clean look. Very little trim will be needed and the usual "big" folds found with using tack strips is avoided. However, if you screw up one panel, you screw it all up!
Once the material was in place we carefully felt for the lights under it, cut material and pulled the light out. The material was then stapled into the hole and the light replaced.

Installing the Lights

New Lights Added

We put three more lights in the Galley area as seen here. The whole salon is brighter and cleaner now.
We discovered the next day that I had missed one light. Note that the lower right side and upper left/center is protruding out of the liner - these are Poly Planer speakers. The speakers are directed at the seating area and are certain to enhance our listning pleasure.

Big Difference

Rod Storage Area

The bare area seen here will get a tough carpet type material glued into it and will be used for rod storage. The material will hold up to the abuse of taking rods in and out. We are also going to put a valance around the area creating a shadow box effect with rope lighting around the inside perimeter. As one enters the Salon, we believe this will soften the look.

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