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Galley >> Countertops Project Description

Progress on this endeavor could only be accomplished with a collaborative effort involving many innovative products, companies and individuals. To find out more about these companies and products, select any one of the company links below.

Sponsors For This Project: DuPont

Initial Galley

Faucets are hard to work, there is no sprayer, insta-hot drips, there is not enough area to work and no spot adjacent to stovetop to lay anything. The sink is possibly too large for this enviroment. A great deal of storage area is available but most is very awkward. Lighting is also poor. The countertops are formica. The new version will utilize Corian in Mediterranean Blue with an undermounted Corian sink in Glacier White. The stove will be undermounted as well and both the sink and stove will have Corian lids.
Stove, sink, and faucets have been removed in order for Rusty to begin work on the Corian countertops.

Removing Countertops

Making Patterns

Mica board is used to make patterns for the Corian countertops.
The board is laid on the counter and marks are made. Placement of both the sink and the new stove is a big consideration for this project.

Making the Patterns

Rusty Making It All Work

Rusty is doing what is needed so that the stove will be recessed. The sink will also be recessed and both will have Corian lids that will give us a clean look and massive amounts of usable counter. Rusty is meticulous and is so organized it is sickening (only because I wish I could get this organized!) His attention to detail is part of what this boat is about.
Here we are checking the fit of the Corian before trimming or rounding the edges.

Corian Fit

Clean Corian Counter

Corian lids were made for both the sink and the new gas stove providing a clean look while offering counterspace that can be used for entertaining.
With the lid fitted we will now trim out the inside edge of the stove insert.

Lid Off

Trash Bin Lid

Two lids are shown here. The left lid is for the trash bin and the right lid is for storage of dog food and supplies.

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