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Galley >> Trash Can Project Description


This is the space that the non-functioning trash compactor took. I have made sliding shelves that house our china and glasses, however I have yet to find the right place for a real trash can. We are in port each night and really did not need a compactor but have the dilemma now of where the trash should be located.
The far end of the galley space was the only place for a trash can, but it was in the way. So, we installed this PC of teak with the left hand side designated for trash. The right side has been cut out for the air conditioning intake vent making an area for the dog's bowls and the upper section will house dog food, etc. A two section lid will be fabricated out of Corian. We will also fabricate a plastic trash can that will fit into this box.

Creating a Trash Area

Varnished Cabinet

Several coats of varnish have been applied. The Corian top needs to be made and a plastic liner of some sort needs to be fabricated for the trash can.
The lids are made from Corian. Now, a liner needs to be made. The left lid is trash and the right lid is for the dog food/supplies. The cut-out on the right is for placement of the dog's water and food dishes.

Bin Lids

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