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boat exterior
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Master Stateroom >> Sliding Door Project Description

Making a slliding head door is a small detail that will make a big difference. Anything on the floor next to the forward side of the bed, including people, shoes, etc. prevented closing the head door.

Make Changes Now!

While it may sound like a small inconvenience to have to move cloths or shoes in order to close a door, it is not a small inconvenience when it is a daily occurrence. Now is the time to fix the problem by making this a sliding door. This small project will make life much better.
The swinging door created an area of approximately 7 sq.ft. that could not be used while opening or closing the door. By creating a sliding door, the unusable area will be shrunk to about 2" x 18". Even on a boat this large, usable space is critical.

Usable Space

Master Stateroom Head

The sliders are finished with the exception of the door nob/handle and the hasp to hold it open in rough seas.
The doors roll in the top track and slide in a grooved PC of track on the floor. The floor track will be exchanged for a PC or Corian that will serve as the threshold. The cover valances and added teak have all been varnished.

Companionway Door

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