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boat interior
boat exterior
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Heads >> Flooring Upgrade Project Description

Parkay. YUK!

I did not like Parkay flooring when it was in style. Both heads will have floors replaced with seamless flooring that has the appearance of granite.
18 oz. fiberglass weave is epoxied to the existing parkay floor to insure a solid stable surface for installation of the new seamless floor.

Stable Preparation

Good Enough for White House!

Superior Systems is owned by the "best man" at our wedding. The surface is gorgeous, will not allow permeation of anything that may become foul and is easily cleaned. Gary did this surface on Washington's White House kitchen and now on our boat. He does a lot of important work!

All restaurants should be required to have this system in their kitchens and heads! It is sanitary, it makes sense, and is cost effective.
This is the begining of a five step process that will result in a seamless, gorgeous floor.



The Master Stateroom head floor progresses.
We could not be more pleased with the seamless floor. It adds the very rich look of granite.


Love it!

WOW! Parkay history gives way to rich granite stylin. Easy to clean and a bright nice contrast to the glossed teak. We love it.

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