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Heads >> Head Replacement Project Description

Progress on this endeavor could only be accomplished with a collaborative effort involving many innovative products, companies and individuals. To find out more about these companies and products, select any one of the company links below.

Sponsors For This Project: Raritan Engineering Comapny, Inc.

Improved Macerator Pump

October 2014: One of the things I love about Raritan is that they continue to improve on product and make those improvements easy for the owner of older units to implement. I recently had an issue with the macerator motor and was able to get the new improved system which was easily installed on my existing head.
Former head removed. The previous head did't have the ability to pump the bowl dry, so water would slosh out. It also did't macerate or flush properly, which led to embarrasing episodes for our guests. Luckily, this won't happen again thanks to Raritans Atlantis Freedom. The Atlantes will shred most anything you can put in it and has a dry bowl mode that leaves virtually no water.

Guest Head Replacement

Head Replacement in Quest

The head was removed. Note the black hoses. These old style hoses allowed odors to permeate and enter the boat. New special hose will be used to prevent this from happening. The area around these hoses will need teak plywood added because the new head will fit back to the cabinet instead of how the previous outline indicate the old fit.

The new head is sitting on right side of photo and has been tested for placement.
Teak was added on each side of hose area to fill space not covered by new Atlantis' Freedom head. The black hose pictured will be replaced by a new hose that will not allow odor permeation. Additionally, the hose required for the new head is much smaller.

Teak Additions

Master Head

Head replacement.
The Atlantis Freedom is an atractive china bowl toilet. This, the VIP head, has the elongated bowl.

Atlantis Freedom

Fitting In

This is a full size toilet! It always amazes us to see how a manufacturer thinks your backside shrinks when you buy a boat. The teak cabinet door has been trimed slightly at the bottom so they can open with the head in place.
The master head now installed. The bone colored china bowl goes well with the tub and the corian counter tops and is a nice contrast to the "granite" look floor. This is the size of toilet found in most homes.

Master Head

Elongated Bowl

We purchased an elongated bowl for the VIP Head - it fit well into the notch provided. We prefered this bowl because of its comfort to the one in the Master Head, but it does take up a little more room. We love the look of the "granite" style seamless floor installed by Superior Systems, Inc.
The hidden components that make life easier and smell better. Raritan's Electro Scan processes waste better than most sewage treatment plants and eliminates the need for a holding tank in most waters. We intend to clean out the holding tank and remove any remaining offensive hoses that continue to emit foul odors. The holding tank will then be used only should we enter waters such as the Great Lakes. Even then, we will use the Electro Scan first (and add salt) so odors will not be a problem and pump-out will be much better.

Waste Treatment

Fresh Idea From Raritan

This is the final step in our head installation. The Sea-Fresh system from Raritan allows you to choose the use of fresh or sea water at the flip of a switch. The foul odors from creek water in the bowl for more than an hour can be worse than what you would normally put in the toilet. So, Raritan came up with this system so you can leave the bowl with fresh water easily. This eliminates foul odors yet allows the use of sea water when you are at anchor or cruising so you can conserve your water-tank contents.

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