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boat exterior
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Hull & Deck >> EZ2CY Enclosure Project Description

Progress on this endeavor could only be accomplished with a collaborative effort involving many innovative products, companies and individuals. To find out more about these companies and products, select any one of the company links below.

Sponsors For This Project: Cool2Sea | CY4EZ Marine Fabric | Dometic Environmental Corporation | Profilen Thread | YKK America

Getting cool! see the journey.

This is the newest enclosure which is cool2sea(tm). You can click through all of the photos which will take you from Strataglass that came on the boat and up to the newest and best enclosure; cool2sea(tm) installed in 2013.
This is the existing Strataglass enclosure.
As you can/cannot see!


Existing Enclosure

More of the existing Strataglass enclosure. The blue tarp is covering the area where a section blew out during a winter storm (because of lift-the-dot fastners being installed in only two layers of Stamoid). We are going to remove the tinted venturi and replace it with clear. The EZ2CY Enclsoure will be track mounted on top of venturi.
Double track to be mounted on the port and starboard half-tower are being sanded. This track is made to fit on pipe and not be seen once the enclosure has been installed. The same track in a single version will be used on the front pipework.

Special Track

Mounting Track

Installation of track with 3M tape and stainless rivets.
All rivets are dipped in this special compound that insulates stainless items from aluminum. This will prevent pitting and corrosion caused by dissimilar metals in contact with each other.



This gal was lookin' good already, then this designer dress from EZ2CY showed off and complimented her assets. Wow! She is lookin' real good now.
Is this naughty? I mean you can see right through that dress!

See Through Dress

Captain's View

This is the place where EZ2CY Enclosures begins and ends. From the Captain's perspective. Note the zipper seam behind the pipes so they do not hinder the view. The V-panels that adjoin the center panel open for ventilation without blowing you out of the boat.
This photo was taken from behind the helm chair to give a broader view, hence the zippers not lining up perfectly behind the pipes now. At the chair they do align and that is what counts! Note the bent corners. SWEET! You also need to know that there are two bridges in the background. One is a low draw bridge and the other is a major highway. I had to mention that because the lower bridge looks like a line through the enclosure.

Broad View


There is no distortion. There is a reflection of the pipe but you can see the even line of the flat boat with no interruption. Since no pipes were disrupting our view, the famous EZ2CY bend was the logical choice that maintained maximum visibility for the Captain and clean line for the boat.
The bent panel rounds the front corner and extends almost eight feet to the aft side of the console. This is a very clean look. Our antenna are mounted on the mast so there is no need to access them from the bridge. Pulling the bottom enclosure zipper from aft forward gives us access to lower/raise the outriggers.


Nice Look

The zipper on the adjoining side panels are at an attractive angle. The entire side of the bridge is done in two-panel types. Clean and functional, the aft panel slides forward.
Another angle to marvel at EZ2CY. The aft bottom quarters are separate from the top portion. The two-panel-side is very clean, yet very functional with the aft panels ability to slide forward for opening. Check out that corner forward. Minimum canvas, maximum visibility.



The aft corners are curved panels. EZ2CY curves have no distortion!
A view from inside the curve.

Inside Curve


Three panels are used for above the rocket launchers. It's fitting that the name "Carefree" appears through this panel. EZ2CY panels are very easy to clean and last many times longer than conventional panels, while maintaining glass-like clarity.
These recesses in the hard-top are for "reel colors" - teaser reels. These present a challenge when trying to open the aft panel.

Teaser Problem


I was up to the challenge. Note the zipper across the top of the photo.
Challenge met! By zipping together the panel, it is shortend by approximately 4 inches ....

Challenge Met!


. . . allowing the panel to be snapped just behind the teasers and not in the way. Knowledge, experience and drive to make an enclosure meet or exceed the needs for almost any boat are something I look for in people I train and license.
While maintaining the clean look EZ2CY is known for, the panel below the rocket launchers provides maximum visability for the Captain's view.


Fully Enclosed

This is the ultimate enclosure! Clarity is better than glass. The life of the enclosure is proven far beyond any of the competition. Funtionality is phenominal. Insulating qualities permit us to air-condition the bridge without the need for a heavy glass enclosure thay typically obstructs views to the point cameras are needed to fish the boat. (View projects / Bridge / Ventilation air-condition.) The enclosure makes the bridge quiet and the addition of a hatch over the entry will improve upon it.
An enclosed bridge that maintains the look of the boat. This enclosure gives all of the comforts of a glass bridge without the weight that can make a boat handle dramatically differently. Further, the clarity and lack of need for tint means she remains a fishing machine. And .... because EZ2CY is made from only the finest components including YKK Marine zippers with powdercoated sliders, Mahler Nautica fabric and Profilen thread, the enclosure will provide hassel free quality and protection for years to come with a proven longer clear life than any other enclosure on the market.


Removal of enclosure

December 29, 2013 removed EZ2CY in preparation for installing cool2sea(tm).
It has been over 25 years since Jeff Smith Invented EZ2CY.
Siding in the first cool2sea(tm) panel.

A new Day

A new dawn

Sliding in the first cool2sea Panel to make her cool!
The three sides are almost on. I am lovin the look!

A new Life

And I'm feelin good!

cool2sea(tm) blocks 98% of uv, 23% of infrared heat, cuts glare and enhances night vision. Game Changer? The biggest since I invented EZ2CY(r) 25 years ago!!!
4U2Clean and 4U2Polish have been tested and approved for our cool2sea(tm) enclosure as well as clear2sea uv and EZ2CY enclosures. The results are amazing and last longer than EZ2CY cleaner polish we previously used.

4U2Clean and 4U2Polish

Knapps Narrows cool view

Looking through cool2sea(tm) while going through Knapps Narrows on way to Harrisons Chesapeake Inn. Great Imperial Crab!

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