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Hull & Deck >> Air Condition & Fresh Air Vents Project Description

Progress on this endeavor could only be accomplished with a collaborative effort involving many innovative products, companies and individuals. To find out more about these companies and products, select any one of the company links below.

Sponsors For This Project: Munters | Dometic Environmental Corporation

Current Air Configuration

As you can see, the intake is in the center, flanked by the exhaust. This configuration is loud and blows air down your back when seated at the bar - and in your face when seated on the couch. This configuration will be completely eliminated. A new quiet and comfortable configuration will be designed by DOMETIC allowing the cool air to float into the room without the concentrated blowing force or sound.
The unit on the right is a 30,000 BTU modulating unit that will run the three staterooms. The left unit is a 24,000 BTU that will cool the salon. These are the compressors and will be located in the engine room.

Cooling Units

Designing Troft

With the removal of the old valance and blinds, we can begin the troft design from which the conditioned air will flow. This troft is located on the port side and air will flow from the air handler to be located in the TV cabinet, through 6" duct and into the front of the troft. The troft will allow air to flow the full length of the salon through an opening approximately 1 1/2" from the head liner.
Small hole large peg! The starboard air handler needs to be positioned in this cabinet above the fridge. Although the cabinet opening is not large enough to fit the unit, the inside of the cabinet is large enough.

Small Hole, Large Peg

The Answer

The answer is to cut a hole on the underside of this area, large enough for the unit to be put up through it and into place. The hole will then be closed. We have a slight concern that this plywood area will reverberate and cause noise.
With the TV removed, you can see the wire mess that was hidden behind it. The previous owners added new items and left old wires instead of taking the time to remove them. We will sort, remove and organize this cabinet so the portside air handler will fit.

Portside Air Handler

Air Slots

This is the portside trough. You can see the slots cut in the top. We determined the amount of opening needed and then divided it into 1/2" X 6" slotted cutouts. The cutouts are distributed with the majority located at the entry point of the duct and progressivley fewer toward the end. This was done because the majority of the air's force is at the end.
This is the starboard side that is fed by the air handler over the fridge.

Starboard Trough


The starboard side, forward of the fridge gets this smaller 4" trough.
We taped various sizes of paper to the trough to determine a size that would cover the slots and the majority of the window frame. This determination was based on the average person's hieght so if you are 6'6" you may see the slots. We tried to keep the size to a minimum so it would not be too massive.

Determining Valance Size

Starboard Prep

Copper tube and electric wire are run behind the fridge and up to the air handler for the starboard side of the Salon.
This 12,000 BTU air handler is mounted over the fridge and will push cool air fore and aft through troughs hidden by the valance on the starboard side of the Salon. It was a pain getting it here, but it should pay off big. This, in conjunction with the same unit on the port side, will make the Salon very comfortable.

Installing the Air Handler

Return of the Fridge

With the air handler in place, wired and plumbed, the fridge is finally back in place. Stacey is very happy to have it off of the salon floor.
The portside air handler feeds the trough through 6" insulated duct work.

Feeding the Portside

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