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Hull & Deck >> Tackle Center Project Description

Progress on this endeavor could only be accomplished with a collaborative effort involving many innovative products, companies and individuals. To find out more about these companies and products, select any one of the company links below.

Sponsors For This Project: MAS Epoxies | Dometic Environmental Corporation

Initial Configuration

Note that when the lid to gain access to the sink is open, so is the engineroom entry. this allows noise out and salt air in. the lid will need to be split so it can be opended individually.
A closer view of the lid. As you view the sink, you are also opening the lid to the engine room. This makes for a noisy cockpit. The solution will be to cut and separate the lid in two.

Lids on Tackle Center

Unused Space

A close view of the takle center revealed a dead space of more than 6" on the starboard side of the freezer.
Moving the freezer to starboard 6" will use the dead space, provide easier access to the freezer and allow more storage for fishing tackle on the port side of the freezer.

Using Dead Space

Moving Freezer

A cut was made across the bottom of the unit, down each side and from the outside edges into the bulkhead. A small grinder was then used to cut across the top edge. The center was then pried loose.
Tackle center flipped onto cockpit floor so trash can be cleaned out. This picture shows the ample insulation around freezer.

Moving Freezer

Moving Freezer

I was very surprised at how heavy the unit was. The area underneath has been cleaned and I am moving the unit back into the upright position.
Note the screw drivers holding the bottom edge up and the back of the freezer forward. This was done to produce a gap so that I could trowl in the glue.

Placing Freezer

Moving Freezer Over

A thick mixture of MAS EPOXY was made using medium fast hardner and adding silica. This mixture was then placed in the gaps across the back, bottom and side of the unit. The screw drivers, which were holding the freezer out and away from the wall, were then removed and the unit slid over tight.
The entire process was supervised, much as every step on the boat is, by Lacey.


Three Lids

Here is the tackle center coming together. The lids have been cut allowing us esier access to the sink without opening the engine room. The freezer lid has been cut so it just covers the freezer. The two end lids will be finished and a center lid will have to be created.
The two existing lids were cut to size. One to fit just over the engine room entrance and the other to fit just over the freezer. This shows the end with new glass. This was done by waxing a PC of acrylic, laying glass on it and then wetting it out. The lid was then placed on edge atop the wet glass and left to cure overnight.

Lids on Tackle Center

Third Lid

The two ends that were cut from the lids, and the glass from the "dead space" area, were used to create a third lid with the help of MAS epoxy.
Glass was laid in with MAS to bond the PCS together and for reinforcement. More glass will be added and then fairing compound will be used.

Cut and Paste

Three Lids

This photo displays the new three lid configuration of the takle center. It's still rough at this point but a much more logical arrangement.
Wes is now working on the tackle center area smoothing out my rough work. This includes the hatchway and the inside of the house side.


Tackle Center

The doors and hatches are off being sanded and primed. Wes has faired in and primed the tackle center area including its attachment to the cockpit.



The outside of the tackle center is now back together. When installing the hinges, we put white vinyl on them. This will keep the water and dirt from coming through. We still need to configure the inside and install the freezer plate.

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