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boat exterior
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Hull & Deck >> Underwater Lights Project Description

Progress on this endeavor could only be accomplished with a collaborative effort involving many innovative products, companies and individuals. To find out more about these companies and products, select any one of the company links below.

Sponsors For This Project: Imtra Marine Products | Anchor Bay East Marina

Underwater Lights

The newest underwater lights are here. 110v and 150 watt stainless lights from Imtra. We will have three across the transom.
My photo work does not do this light justice. It is another piece of "bling" for the boat. The manufacturer recommends painting with anti-foulant but I do not want to cover the stainless. I would like to coat them with a clear anti-foulant.

Underwater Bling

Hole Cut

Three 4 and 3/8" holes are cut into the transom for the Imtra lights.
The center light.

Center Light

Underwater Bling

The starboard light housing. Here, the Imtra stainless housing has been slid in for the exact fit. We will not install the light until we have sealed the transom with SeaHawks barrier coat. The bulb housing, also stainless, slides into the light housing from the inside. Changing the bulb can be done without pulling the boat out of the water.
Tape remained on the glass while we clear coated over the stainless frame. The teal bottom paint really sets it off.

Stainless Bling

Interior Photo

An interior photograph of the installed 110v, 150w Imtra stainless underwater light. The electric wire will be fastened properly and a bonding wire attached to finish this portion of the job.
This photo was taken in bright daylight. These lights are "Kick Butt"! This was just testing. The light still needs to be hardwired. We cannot wait to see these lights at night.

Spotlight on Bling!

Light 'em Up!

Imtra lights in action! The 110 volt 150 watt lights not only shine through this Chesapeake Bay water but reflect well on EZ2CY AQUA EPICUREAN. Just so you know, LEDs can't touch this. We are impressed with the lighting but even more with the company! Imtra is a hands-on company and can answer any questions you may have about their products, such as how they should be installed or even guide you to the best purchase.
Imagine what these lights can do in ocean clear water. Those shadows are Rockfish (Chesapeake Bay term) also know as Stripers. These lights make the Bay our aquarium. Small, shinier fish apear first and then the larger fish begin chasing them and even jumping out of the water.

Shadow Fish

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