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Anchor Bay East, Bear Creek

One of our first jouneys was to Anchor Bay East on Bear Creek. Located near Baltimore, Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay, Patapsco River.

The people - from worker to managment - could not be any nicer. It is rare to find such a well organized yard anywhere. You will not see anyone leaning on anything. Work is always being done, done right and on time. If they cannot do what you need personally, they can get you hooked up with reputable people that can. We were having engine work done and the boat lifted to start the extension project.
The boat at Kent Island Yacht Club. The Kent Narrows draw bridge and the Route 50 Kent Narrows bridge are in the background. The blue tarp encloses the back of the bridge and the starboard side where the Strataglass blew out in a winter storm.

At Kent Island Yacht Club 4/06

Kent Island Yacht Club 4/06

Kent Island Yacht Clubs is the first club I joined and it's still one of our favorites. The food is phenominal, they have a pool, the people are very nice to all and there is always a lot going on. They have music on most Friday nights and numerous events throughout the year. The other great thing about this club, for those of us who love boats, is the view. Kent Narrows always has boats going through headed for Eastern Bay, St. Micheals, the Chester River, etc. Or boats are coming to stay at one of several marinas on the Narrows, eating at one of the many establishements or for the night life at the many places to have fun. We strongly recomend joining a club of this caliber. By the way, this is not a "stuffy" club. Casual and fun describes the club and its patrons.
July 1, 2006. Leaving Kent Island Yacht Club headed for Anchor Bay East on Bear Creek.

Opening the Bridge 07/01/06

The Narrows

July 1, 2006. Through the Narrows and across the Chesapeake Bay toward Baltimore. The bay had trees, 50 gallon barrels, etc. floating everywhere because of torrential rains in PA.
This is Ron. I have known Ron for a very long time. He worked for my brother at Smiths Marina on the Severn River for years and now works at Anchor Bay East. Ron is a great guy! You know when Ron is around because he has a voice that is easily heard around the cove. His line to us each day as he passes, "are you done yet?".

Ron 07/06

Anchor Bay Marina

July 1, 2006. Anchor Bay's shed. It won't be to long before we are being worked on by the crew.
Another photo at the bulkhead.

Bulkhead at Anchor Bay

Tied Up

July 1, 2006. Tied up on the bulkhead at Anchor Bay East.
July 1, 2006. Relaxing a little bit after the trip. We were only making 11.5 knots because of the bottom growth and because we needed to keep an eye out for bay debris, etc. We left Kent Island after stopping for a brief pump-out at approximately 9:30. We arrived at Anchor Bay around 12:15.

Relaxing 07/01/06

Saying Goodbye

August 20, 2006. While it is sad to see her go, we know this parting will help us realize our new dream. The money from this sale will help pay for the paint job on "Aqua Epicurean".
September '06. Our family had countless hours of enjoyment on this boat. We are glad that a young couple has purchased her for their family to enjoy. We know that John and Shana will take care of her. With these classic lines she still holds her own against any new vessel.


Goodbye 09/06

September '06. Saying goodbye to a friend of more than 11 years is difficult. This 40' Post is still a great looking gal at 33 years old!
September 21, 2006. She's in the shed! Almost. The pulpit, like a tounge, sticks out at passers by.

In the Shed 09/21/06

Inside the Shed

A view from inside the shed.
It is quite a relief to have her in the shed. Work can progress without fear of rain and weather. The pace of work is stepping up. Many skilled workers, includding Sally and Wes, are steady getting her ready for paint. She really looks big in here.

Stepping up the Pace

Customer Appreciation Day 10/06/06

October 6, 2006. Aqua Epicurean was moved outside so Anchor Bay could have its Customer Appreciation Day. This event brings more than 600 people and the shop is used for tables and the band. Additionally, huge tents are set up with table and chairs. Beer, wine, pulled pork, beef and all the trimmings. Art does things right! Anchor Bay treats its customers with respect and shows appreceation for them.
October 10, 2006. She's back in the shed and waiting for Wes and the crew to start working on her again.

In the Shed 10/10/06

Comics 10/10/06

October 22, 2006. When I arrived at the shed on Monday I was greeted by this on the side of the hull. The guys here are real artist/comics. I was laughing half the morning.
December 7, 2006. She's out of the shed and awaiting installation of trim tabs and cleats before being launched.

Out of the Shed 12/07/06

Taking the Plunge 12/20/06

December 20th, 2006, taking the plunge.
December 20, 2006. Sitting high in the water! While the new addition added weight, it also added a great deal of flotation. Note that the boat is listing to port. The list is due to location of items in the boat while we are working on her. We will make sure to balance her and shift items before things have been completed.

Floating High

Bow Reflections

Sitting low in the water. The added aft floatation has made the bow dip. We will try and shift heavier items aft to correct this as much as possible. Once all items are in place the waterline will be redrawn, bottom paint moved up, and boots painted.
We have not moved the waterline from the original. Quite a reflection! We can't wait to install the Munters Vents, the hardtop, and the riggers to give her the best dressed look.

Reflections On Hard Work


February 25, 2007. This is not the weather we want to be in! This is holding us up from installing the hard-top and the teak coaming.
"TW" arriving to complete finishing work on FloScan and the Glendinning Controls. "T" is a good friend and a true life character. He knows boats. His own home-built motorboat clocked 134 m.p.h. in a quarter mile. In case you haven't ever been that fast on water (and most haven't) it's like going 268 m.p.h. on land!

Our Friend TW

Art's TV

This is Art's very large TV that he keeps bragging about. OK, it's very big (37") and very nice! Although this TV is in Art and Tina's "Hard Yacht Cafe", Art is quick to remind me that this same type is being installed on their boat, too.
Art would be quick to point out that this is Stacey and Jeff's TV. OK, it's small but I have a lot of fun with it.

Our TV

Art and Tina's Boat

Just for the record, this is Art and Tina's boat . . .
. . . and this if Jeff and Stacey's boat. Yea, we need a bigger TV!

Our Boat


May 29, 2007. The boat is still on Bear Creek. Dave wants to see if it really is a fishing boat.
June 17th, 2007. Sunrise on Bear Creek. We are still at Anchor Bay East and still working on her. The hard-top is here but hasn't been installed, and the interior is currently in shambles. But it is coming together. In the meantime we get these views and continue working with the great people at Anchor Bay. The new "Hard Yacht Cafe" is open and great. Crabcakes, shrimp salad and sugar encrusted salmon are among our favorites. Did we forget to mention Bloody Mary's?

Sunrise on Bear Creek

Mother Duck

July 1, 2007. This mother duck keeps an eye on Bear Creek while her eleven ducklings snooze. The boat is still at Anchor Bay East. Each day brings us closer to the finish that has been so elusive.
Mother duck has put her foot down and told the little ones to take a nap. Stacey did the the same thing and told me to finish this boat.

Foot Down

A Visitor

July 24, 2007. This is one of the visitors to see the boat.
Guess he was not impressed. We are still at Anchor Bay and trying to wrap things up. Many part for the new electrical system have arrived and should be installed shortly. The Salon is coming together with the floor being installed this week as well as the Corian and the couch should be finished. Hopefully, our hard-top will be finished this week too! Once the Corian and couch are in, we can mark the waterline and pick up the boat for the boot stripes to be painted.

Not Impressed

Stacey's Passion

August 1, 2007. Stacey's passion is cleaning and this boat provides her the perfect opportunity to do just that.

We're still at Achor Bay East. We are working on the electric components now and finalizing the air conditioning units. Work also continues finishing the Corian countertops and cabinets.
August 15, 2007. This White Heron sits under the Bear Creek railroad bridge looking for a snack. Pat is coming to finish the hard-top and steps; Rick is coming to work on the electric; Rusty is coming to finish the Corian; and I am trying to finish any carpentry jobs so we can clean up the boat. The main electric panel should be here in a few days and the balance of the Airpax E-Plex components are on their way. I need to get the salon carpet down so that the newly arrived couch can be put in place. It is all coming together but still quite stressful.

White Heron

First Cruise

September 15th, 2007. We are leaving Anchor Bay East and on our way to Kent Island. This is our first cruise. The people at Anchor Bay are the best! We will be tweaking some things while at Kent Island and then return to Anchor Bay for some final finishing touches in a few weeks.
It's a new day, a new dawn, a new life and I'm feelin' good!

Life is Good!

Baltimore Inner Harbor Marina

Here we are at Baltimore's Inner Harbor Marina for the New Year's celebration. We docked at Inner Harbor East from 12/30/07 until 1/1/08. The fireworks were fantastic! The three separate fireworks locations, in front of the U.S.S. Constellation, in front of the Domino Sugar Factory, and Fort McHenry could all be seen from this location. This is a very nice marina but construction means no practical parking.
January - February 2008.
We moved to the Baltimore Inner Harbor Marina and will be here for awhile. It is walking distance to Science Center, shopping pavilions, The Aquarium, and more. The Rusty Scupper restaurant is on site. Marina amenities include the use of the indoor pool and health club facilities at the InterContinental Hotel. Parking is easy and close with a marina permit. This is a great facility, nice people, and spectacular views of the Baltimore skyline. Federal Hill is directly behind the boat and museums are in every direction. We plan on staying here while completing the installation of the E-Plex system.

A New Home

Cheerful Greetings

When entering the marina office you are greeted by these two young ladies. "Get" (on your left) and "Lisa" (on your right) are very helpful and pleasant to deal with.
At our marina, Get and Lisa are quick to give you all the information about the facilities and its ammenaties as well as information about the surrounding areas you can enjoy.

Here to Help

City Lights

The city is beautiful at night. Much more so than these pictures can capture. The blue wave is the Baltimore Aquarium as seen from the starboard side of our boat.
The Pratt Street Pavilion, The U.S.S. Constellation and more as seen from the port side of our boat.

More City Night

City Lights

The Science Center is on your left, the Intercontinental Hotel straight ahead, and the Light Street Pavilion is located on your right as seen looking directly out the port side of our cockpit. There is so much to do and so many places to see that one could easily stay here for an extended time. With many, many eateries, shopping, museums, The Baltimore Aquarium, The Baltimore Science Center and more all within walking distance of your boat. From "night life" for adults to "education" for children and so much in-between. This is a cool place to be!
This is a Father and Son (can you tell) watching the fish swim up to our Imtra underwater lights. They were our neighbors while we are at Kent Island Yacht Club.


Cambridge, Maryland

September 19, 2008: The Cambridge Maryland Hyatt. This is a wonderful place with great facilities. We are here for the Powerboat Races.
Just one of the friends we met at the Hyatt docks.

Hyatt Docks

Making the Turn

We are here with the CBPBA (Chesapeake Bay Powerboat Association) and are the #3 location turnboat. This club is a fantastic way to meet friends and enjoy the Bay.
This is "Flunky One" captained by Mark, towing the race boat which had ejected its three occupants and luckily no one was hurt.

Tow Boat Mark

Mark Finds A Buddy

Mark with his friend. He found this while checking to make sure the course was clean. Mark was on call to help anyone that needed it.
Bruce was placed on the boat to take photos of the race and found this to be the best spot for his work.

On Top of His Game

Tools of the Trade

With tri-pod tied down and cameras in hand, Bruce is ready for the action. His photos can be seen at imaximages.com
The rooster-tail of one boat kept this 38' Cat out of our site while they rounded Turn 3. When it cleared out, the Cat had flipped. The two occupants had to be air lifted to the hospital. These races are intense and accidents do happen. The latest report we had indicated that one person was released from the hospital and the other is still is serious condition. Our prayers go out to him and his family.

Update: All survived!

Upside Down Cat


We left the races and this is the sunset seen on our trip back to Kent Island. The Chesapeake is a wonderful place to be!
January, 2009. Sunrise over Kent Narrows is wonderful, however we had hoped to be in warmer climates by this time!

New Dawn

January 28, 2009

A Blue Heron stands on the ice gazing at the path made from moving EZ2CY AQUA EPICUREAN from the ice flows of the narrows into the more protected alcove of Piney Narrows Yacht Haven. When the ice moves out, so will we.
This guy knows how to fish!

February 8, 2009


He is right behind our boat and doing quite well. I would prefer a nice sauce over this fish but he prefers it sushi style.
If you do not like the weather in Maryland, wait five minutes. Just two days ago the daytime temps were in the teens and today it is near 60. The ice cleared out that quick as well.

MD Weather

Global Warming!

This was taken March 1st. Temps are in the teens.
This is not our idea of ideal weather. We hope to someday be able to follow the sun and fish.

March 1st

Snow in the Shade

The winds of this storm blew the snow under the shed covering the pier. Almost 300'!

By the following weekend the weather was almost 70 so we fired up the Detroits and took a short ride.
May 5, 2009. Big News! Dave catches a 30" Rockfish (Striper). Trolling near Thomas Point on the Chesapeake Bay we were able to catch this fish on a white on white Bucktail. Trying to keep our speed below 3kts required using just one motor and bumping in and out of gear because we don't have trolling valves. The 4.5 to 5.5 speed this boat produces at idle with one motor would be fine for most other fish, but this is Rockfish Season.

Big Fish


May 5, 2009. We took this photograph just to prove fish were on our boat. Pictured here with Dave is our good friend Jim. We had a great day!
2009. Here's a special Christmas on the boat with Santa peaking around the pipes. This is a special time of year so use it wisely:
- Take time to be with friend, and
- Make time to meet new friends!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Snowy Special

Winter Home

November, 2009. This is "Ego Alley" in the heart of Annapolis, Maryland and will be our home for the coming winter months. The town of Annapolis is full of history with the US Naval Academy just a block away, taverns that date back to the 1700s, incredible food and any supplies we may need at easy reach.
The Garman radar stands proud with the American flag to its left and the Maryland Statehouse to its right. Annapolis is the Capital of Maryland and for a brief period in history was the Capital of the United States. Every time we are in Annapolis we end up seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Middleton's Tavern has the best Oyster Shooters in Town and is situated just behind the boat.

Quite a Background

Faces of Annapolis

We are constantly meeting and greeting people as they pass the boat and answering questions for many. What is EZ2CY? What does Epicurean mean? Are you headed South? What is that carpet on your aft deck? What make of boat is this? We love it all! Questions come from everyone - kids to the most avid and seasoned boater.
November 29, 2009. Marriott Hotel in the upper right and Eastport in the distance is view from Market House looking toward boat. The United States Naval Academy is just a block to the left.

Our View

Ego Alley

From the Harbor Master's office you can see the heart of Ego Alley. We are loving Annapolis! A favorite sport is simply people watching. All walk of life walk by the boat. From legislators strolling down from the Capital building to Naval Academy Midshipmen to school children on class trips to see this historic tow. We get to see it all.
December 2009. This shot was taken from the back of the boat looking up Main Street. You can see the Annapolis Christmas tree to the right of the flag and the State Capital building to the right of that in the background. This was taken at about 11:30 Saturday morning and the snow is not expected to stop until around 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning. So this is "Global Warming"!

Global Warming

Snow Shovel 2009

Even on a boat you have to shovel snow! Stacey is doing a fine job.

December 19th. It looks like this snowfall will break a record.
Even Santa cruised Ego Alley waving at all and bringing good cheer.


Merry Christmas

2009. EZ2CY AQUA EPICUREAN and her crew of Stacey, Lacey and Jeff want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
It seams the Leprechaun just jumped off the bridge and now . . . . .


Santa Bunny

. . . Santa Bunny has jumped up.
Countless people stop by every day and take their picture in front of the Easter Santa. Kids and adults alike enjoy a little spring humor. We are all getting into the spirit and glad boating weather is upon us.

Spring is Here!


Second wave of global warming for 2010.
Since we had people stop and take pictures of Santa everyday we did not want to put him away. We decided to dress him for the season.

Happy Saint Patty's Day!

Spring 2010

It's EZ2CY!

At the Grady White factory in North Carolina. It is EZ2CY!
The 2010 Grady White 36 dressed as she should be, with EZ2CY!

2010 Grady White 36

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