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Journeys >> Boating Pups Project Description

Boats Owners and their Dogs.


Meet LE. LE is a maltese shitzu mix and a very loving pup. She is also a great boat dog and does not care if we crank up the detroits. We got LE in May 2016.
September 2015. We are sad to say that Lacey, our beloved pup passed away. She was loved by many and brought much joy to our lives. She will be missed.

Lacey Girl

Our Pup!

This is Lacey. She does not know that she is a dog! As you can see, she is quite comfortable on the boat. We hope to show photos of boating pups we meet during our travels.
We believe Shih-tzu's are a perfect boat dog. At less than 7 pounds, they are not yappy and loves everyone. Lacey makes our life a little fuller. And no, we did not dye her hair to match Stacey's.



We think Shih Tzu's are the perfect breed for us and boating. They are small and can be "potty" trained to a pad. They are not yappy and love anyone that may come aboard.
Lacey is extremely laid back as you can see. She weighs in at 6.5lbs and is easily transported wherever we may travel.

Stressed Out

Lacey Love

Lacey loves when the Grandchildren come to visit her and they, in turn, love her.

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