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Cockpit >> Monitor Project Description

Preparing for the possibility of having a monitor in the cockpit.

Progress on this endeavor could only be accomplished with a collaborative effort involving many innovative products, companies and individuals. To find out more about these companies and products, select any one of the company links below.

Sponsors For This Project: MAS Epoxies | Argonaut Computer Inc.

Cockpit Monitor

The space in front of the controls can be utilized for a 15" monitor. This application will need to be viewed in direct sunlight and be waterproof so careful consideration must be made. Almost any item the crew desires should be able to be directed to this monitor including radar, fishfinder or even the game coming in from the KVH Direct TV tracking system.
This side photo shows that the controls would make the fit a little tight. However, I can angle the base of the controls at almost a 30 degree angle and move them aft just slightly. A clean form of fiberglass will then be integrated to house the monitor. This effort will help put information where it is needed and keep the crew happy.

Cockpit Monitor

Cut to Drop

Here, I'm making the cut to drop the controls. People on the dock keep asking me what I'm going to cut next.
I decided to drop the aft edge of the controls to gain the angle and needed space. A drain will now be made in this box.


Drain Corner

The drain is made. This drain is in the lowest corner of the control area and water cannot be trapped anywhere around it. Also, from this point on there is not any part that is smaller that would trap particles in the line.
I don't want to be in a hurry to create the monitor area. A careful study of what would look good, give the right angle for viewing, and concerns about drainage all have to be taken into consideration.

Study Time!

Monitor Base

This is the wood base to be glassed and glassed in. This will provide the area needed to mount a 15" monitor.
Here is a closer look. The right side of this cabinet will get a 1" curved edge like the cabinet it sits on. The curved under-body gives room for the movement of throttle and gear levers. The levers will still be cut 3/4" to give more space. This will allow me to lean on the cabinet without the levers hitting my back.

A Closer Look

Monitor Glassed In

The monitor box is glassed in. Further fairing will still take place. The search for the right monitor is on. There are many companies on the market with each promissing they are best. The prices can be quite scary so time should be spent making the right decision!
Here, Wes is smoothing out the monitor area including the rough work I did on the speaker housing. This work also includes the inner side of the house that I had replaced.


Getting Ready for Paint

A photo of the portside area of the tackle center and monitor.
The Argonaut Monitor is now mounted and working. With this sunlight-readable-monitor, people in the cockpit can view whatever is on the Garmin.

Cockpit Monitor

From Charts

The chart plotter lets our guests know exactly where we are. "Are we there yet?" is no longer asked.
Guests can also see the Garmin Sonar and no longer have to keep yelling up to the Captain, "Are there fish on the screen?"



Or, our guests can watch SAT TV on it. Argonaut makes the most affordable waterproof sunlight readable monitor available. This is a great addition to any cockpit. We can sit on the back deck drinking Bloody Mary's while watching the morning news.

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