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boat exterior
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Cockpit >> Misters Project Description


Misters are a really neat way to stay cool! We are installing four Misters across the overhang and two will be located at gunnel level. We have removed the name of the original company that we were dealing with for this project. However, we still intend on finishing the installation of cooling Misters. We had received a different price everytime we called the previous company, were charged for parts we had not receive, and were treated in a less than professional manner.
The tubing for Misters will be run inside the overhang, into a manifold and down to the Engine Room to the pump.

Configuring Misters

Misters Configuration

Two 3/4" holes have been drilled for the Misters. Preparations have also been made for the plumbing needed. Two additional Misters will be located in the speaker panels being fabricated in the port and starboard corners of the overhang adjacent to the bulkhead. This configuration will keep everyone cool as they stand near the takle centers.
The tubes for the three misters, located on the port side of the hatchway, run through the PVC pipe I built into the the new bridge connector.

Running Mister Tubes

Manifold Placement

A manifold will be placed at this location and all of the tubing for the misters will be connected to it. This area is behind the speaker panel in the upper starboard side of the cockpit next to the hatchway.

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