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boat exterior
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Cockpit >> Speakers Project Description

Music for the cockpit is very important to us. We may want to dance there.

Progress on this endeavor could only be accomplished with a collaborative effort involving many innovative products, companies and individuals. To find out more about these companies and products, select any one of the company links below.

Sponsors For This Project: Poly-Planar

Speakers and Things

The corner piece (at top) is duplicated for port side as well. This provides a housing for the polyplanner speaker, a mister jet and gives access to the new wire/water/air run installed down through the corner.
We filled in the old speaker hole on this, the port side as well as the starboard.

Filling Holes

Port Speaker House

Wes has faired in and primed the new speaker housing. This configuration should help everyone in the cockpit be able to hear the tunes. PolyPlaner water-proof speakers will be used, particularly since the misters jet will also be placed on this panel.
The Starboard side recieves the same treatment.

Starboard Speaker

Ready for Poly-Planer

The speaker housing is now ready for Poly-Planer. The angle should insure everyone in the cockpit can hear the music clearly.
The pair of Poly-Planar 200 watt waterproof speakers have been mounted. This certainly helps the cockpit scene. They will have separate amp and volume controls which will be located at the cockpit control station.

Waterproof Sound

Second 200 Watt

Starboard side speaker. Both speakers are directed toward the cockpit. The sound is great and is complimented by the sub-woofer on the bridge and in the salon.
The waterproof PolyPlaner volume control blends in so well that it is hard to see in this photo, but it is here and working fine.

Volume Control

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