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boat interior
boat exterior
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Cockpit >> Windows Project Description

Initial Aft Windows

Boat as bought. Note the jaged transition from port window to door and from door to starboard window. Also note the top curve on port window, top curve on door window and straight line on top of starboard window begining from the door almost all the way to starboard edge.
This is a better view of the windows.

Jagged Windows

Testing the Look with Tape

Note the clean graceful lines of the windows compared to earlier photo. This simple process of using white tape gives a feel of what can be done with paint. Just painting out some of the black frame will make the windows flow into one another, loose the jagged look of the original and give the starboard window a curved top.
The initial thought was that we would have to replace the starboard window to get this look. After this simple and cheap exercise using tape we do not believe that will be required.

Taped Out Windows

Egg Harbor

This bad photo shows the Egg Harbor logo etched in the door.
We took out the old window that had the Egg Harbor Marlin on it.

Removed Window

New Window

The new window is installed with acid silicone. Next, it needs to have the outside trim installed. We need to make this 1/4 round trim so we can install it.
Note the window frames painted and giving smooth curved appearance. Big difference - and it was a simple, cheap fix!

Smoothed Windows!

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