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What is the S&J Effect?
The "S&J Effect" is how a seventeen year-old boat is transformed into a dream sport-fisherman/cruiser. What is your dream boat? Stacey and Jeff (S&J) have been around boats most of their lives and made a collective list of what they wanted in their next boat and found that a Hines/Farley or a Garlington would fit the bill. Unfortunately the “bill” would be out of their financial reach at this time.  This site is dedicated to showing, in detail, the process of customizing a stock sport-fisherman into a very special vessel that Stacey and Jeff have named “EZ2CY AQUA EPICUREAN”.  

A BIt of Background
Jeff was born and grew up in a boat yard that his father owned on the Severn River in Maryland, about seven miles from Annapolis. He has boated all of his life and was the inventor of EZ2CY® Enclosures. His exposure to extraordinary yachts because of EZ2CY® helped hone his keen eye and taste for the clean lines of a well functioning sport-fisherman. That same keen eye and love of lines led him to Stacey. An avid boater in her own right, Stacey boated on the Chesapeake Bay since she was a teen. To say that she loves boats and boating would be a gross understatement! Stacey and Jeff wed in June of 2005 and honeymooned on the Chesapeake aboard their 1973 40’ Post.

While they both loved the Post, they felt the need for a larger boat with diesel power so they could follow their dream of going up and down the East Coast. The boat would need accommodations for friends, family or clients to visit in comfort.

Finding the Right Boat
Jeff and Stacey both continually discussed what they would want on their next boat and had made a “next boat” list. This is an important exercise! The list can be the catalyst to preventing a very expensive mistake. Using the list while looking at new or used vessels and checking off these items gives you good information for comparison and some insurance against making an impulse buy. Once the list is made it is time to start looking.

Making a Wish List
Jeff’s computer is set to open on www.Yachtworld.com.  Yachtworld has an extensive list of boats for sale with photos, specifications and details included. It also has easy-to-use tools to narrow your search and quickly get what you want while filtering out things you do not want. You can do a basic search such as a specific make of boat or a more advanced search. Jeff chose the advanced search with some broad criteria to begin with. Knowing that they wanted a sport-fish style, twin diesels, 1980 or newer, at least 45’ and within a certain price range, these criteria were entered and the search began. The results of this search netted a large number of vessels to look at, learn about and sift. This information, in conjunction with a knowledgeable broker, helped define what boat or boats could or would meet their needs. Certain makes had little or no appeal to Jeff and Stacey purely from a “look” value. Some had a very good “look” but the layout did not work, while others had the appeal but based on the advise of the broker certain boats were not well built or suited for our area.

The Value of Customization
Jeff and Stacey used Yachtworld and their broker as a learning tool. They also kept an open mind knowing that some things on a boat can be easily changed making a dramatic difference to a vessel that otherwise would not meet the standards they set. For instance, Jersey Yachts had what Jeff and Stacey felt was a notoriously bad- looking, ill functioning, half-tower and while the boat had good lines, the house seemed somewhat out-of-proportion to the slim hull. A new half-tower would make a dramatic difference, glassing over the forward windows and adding the right stripe on the house could change the whole attitude of the boat making it look more in proportion and quite sexy.

Playing with photos on the computer can give you a good idea of what a difference even a subtle change can make. If a $20,000.00 half-tower will make a $150,000.00 boat look and function like the other $200,000.00 boats you had been looking at then you are $30,000.00 ahead of the game and making your own personal statement to an otherwise stock boat. That’s a good deal! Don’t be afraid to do the same with a new boat. Tell the manufacturer that you do not want the stock half-tower (or whatever the item is) they offer, you want a reasonable deduction for it (generally about 50% the cost of a custom product) and will have your own installed. Make it your boat, make it right for you, and make it better! If done properly, this action will pay off when you go to sell your vessel.  Your broker, with his experience, can help counsel you on what items make economic sense for you in the customization process.

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