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boat exterior
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Guest Stateroom >> Mattress Hinging Project Description


Making the top bunk hinge down will make this room much more user freindly and seem much larger.
Hinging the upper bunk so it folds down makes the room look larger and more open. It also provides an area and couch for our grandchildren to use when they visit and want to play games.

Folded Down

Guest Couch

Another view of the bunk folded down.
The first attempt at making the bunk fold down did not leave enough seat room for the space to be used as a couch, etc.

New Fold Configuration

New Plan!

The solution would be to fold the bunk up and use the hull as the back-rest.
The solution called for a second hinging so the bunk would fit into the limited space above.

Fold One

Painted White

We painted the bunks underside white so that it would brighten the room and blend into the upholstered wall when folded up.
As you can see, the second hinge allowed the bunk to be neatly folded back.

Fold Two!

Now a Couch

We are very happy with the results. This upper bunk will primarily be used for our grandchildren so a thin roll up mattress will be made for the upper bunk that a sleeping bag can go on. We are confident this will also work well for any fisherman we have stay on board. This was a realatively simple solution/project that opened up this room making it much more funtional and inviting. Sleeping pillows with covers thrown on the back wall will make this work as a couch without a need to store them for bedtime.

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